Who Is Berlin?

Who Is Berlin?
Who Is Berlin?

A thief with delusions of greatness:

A man in his forties, Berlin is a little older than his companions, he is also the one who heads the group of robbers, inside the Currency Factory. He enters crime to maintain the high standard of living he had grown accustomed to from the cradle.
Twenty-seven robberies to his assets, he specializes in the theft of jewelry, and his most significant blow is nothing other than the Champs Elysée in Paris, the police naturally want him.
He believes himself superior to others and despises them internally despite some of his apparent good manners. It can also be brutal when the situation requires it. His weakness is his attraction to women, which will endanger his leadership.

What we knew ( spoiler ):

He has a degenerative disease and that he only has a few months to live. Compared to this, he must have a regular dose of medication.
He is also the Professor's brother.

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