Who Is El Professor?

Who Is El Professor?
Who Is El Professor?

El Professor, an intelligent and mysterious man:

With thirty years or so, bearded and with glasses, El Professor is a strange character. His character is the opposite of those of the people of the band he recruited.
Reserved, he is also self-taught and likes dialogue, often with irony. He is also hugely respected for his intelligence and seriousness by other members of the group. He speaks several languages, including Russian.
Without a judicial record, he is a total ghost to the Spanish authorities.
Although, he doesn't look like a thief or a criminal when someone looks at him, he is the brain behind the entire organization of theft.
With superior intelligence, this operation has been prepared, planned, and refined for years, to the smallest detail, leaving little room for contingencies thanks to his talent for anticipation.
Outside the National Coin and Doorbell Factory, he lives in a wet warehouse near the Factory, and he is a precious help for his companions. He will approach the main actors of the investigation, in particular, the negotiator Raquel Murillo, to act in the inquiry...

What we knew ( spoiler ):

Called "Sergio", name of his true identity; El Professor had the idea of ​​robbery after his father, who was a thief in Italy, his country of origin. He spent his childhood and adolescence in the hospital due to an illness.
He has been preparing for years the robbery of the National Coin and Doorbell Factory.
He is very close to the negotiator, Raquel.

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