Who Is Moscow?

Who Is Moscow?
Who Is Moscow?

A father with a tender heart:

A minor by trade, asthma, and silicosis will take him away from the mine to drag him into locksmiths.
He masters metal, thermal lances, and other industrial tools like no one else, and no lock can resist him. Thanks to these skills and a complicated economic situation, he will pass to another level. He will quickly find himself guilty of robberies, fraud, thefts of jewelry without forgetting his great specialty: vaults.
He is also the father of Denver, for whom he has much affection. He is a person full of tenderness.

What we knew ( spoiler ):

He abandoned his wife, Denver's mother, to protect him because he was losing his savings through her fault.
He always hid the truth from Denver by making him believe that she was the one who left.

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