Who Is Nairobi?

Who Is Nairobi?
Who Is Nairobi?

Nairobi, a determined woman:

An inveterate optimist as Tokyo described at the beginning of the series, Nairobi is a young, sassy, and stubborn woman who has not had a comfortable childhood and who has been falsifying banknotes since she was 13 years old to support herself.
Pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend when she was a teenager, she had no choice but to commit crimes to get out of it.
She is the person in charge of the quality of the printing of banknotes inside the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

What we knew ( spoiler ):

She has a seven-year-old child named Axel, whom she lost custody after having spent time in prison. Her son is currently in foster care.
She turns to be able to find him and bring him a better life in a quiet place.

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