Who Is Rio?

Who Is Rio?
Who Is Rio?

The computer legend:

Rio is one of the youngest in the group; He is also the one with the least criminal profile. Rio started at the age of 6 and spent his childhood and adolescence programming and hacking security systems. He knows everything about alarms and electronics. These computer skills quickly made him become the technical manager of a security company, despite his very young age, twenty years.
In search of strong feelings and lacking maturity, he began to hack many systems. He ended up being sought and captured by Interpol. The Professor took him out of this situation and integrated him into the group. Described as the Mozart of computers, he is the group's computer legend.

What we knew ( spoiler ):

The most fragile member and with the least criminal profile of all, the Spanish authorities will try to take advantage of his vulnerability to find an ally among the robbers.
He also maintains a relationship with Tokyo, about ten years older than him, and quickly finds himself in love with her.

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