Who Is Tokyo?

Who Is Tokyo?
Who Is Tokyo?

Beautiful and rebellious:

A beautiful and quiet young woman in her thirties, has a strong character, very impulsive, and shows a significant lack of apparent empathy. She is also the storyteller.
She entered the world of crime at the age of 14, following in the footsteps of the love of her life, which is 28. Since then, she alternates current jobs and blows of all kinds, always bolder.
With him, she made the 400 shots, but her boyfriend falls during a robbery of a Prosegur truck that went wrong.
With 15 robberies in her past, her portrait is in all Spanish police stations. She faces 30 years in prison but ran away when El Professor came to recruit her for his operation.

What we knew ( spoiler ):

She is in a relationship with Rio, despite the Professor's prohibition of having this type of personal connection between group members.

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