Is Berlin the father of Alicia's baby in La Casa De Papel?

La Casa De Papel, aka Money Heist, is a well-known Spanish tv series created by Alex Pina. It's all about a mastermind thief called The Professor who collects a crew full of thieves to set for the most significant money heist ever happened in the history...

After the hugely successful two first seasons of La Casa De Papel, the series came back with a third season with some new characters, Alicia is the most mysterious one of them.

Alicia Sierra is working for the police as an inspector. She was with Lisbon at the police academy before taking her place after her leave with The Professor.
Alicia, as many of the viewers say, is just a particularly sociopathic inspector, and this can be correct because of her successful attempt to shoot Nairobi using her boy and his teddy that was seized by the police years ago before the heist happen.

Is Berlin the father of Alicia's baby in La Casa De Papel?
Is Berlin the father of Alicia's baby in La Casa De Papel?

After watching the whole available seasons of the La Casa De Papel, the viewers were divided by two sides, those who believe that Alicia Sierra is Berlin's girlfriend before he dies in the heist and that she's pregnant with his kid. Some think that they're not close to each other and that she's too old to be his girlfriend and some similar arguments that can't be emphasized.

Well, we shouldn't become bias to any of these sides, because the series hasn't shown anything that can prove any of the viewpoints above or deny it. So, all we can do at the moment is waiting for the release of the fourth season to find out the truth behind Alicia Sierra and the kid she's pregnant with.

The short answer to this question is ' maybe ' because nothing shown in the series can prove that. It's just theories with no evidence or proofs.

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