La Casa De Papel: Best Quotes ( Part 1 )

There is no doubt that La Casa De Papel, aka Money Heist, is one of the best non-English tv series of all time. The Spanish Netflix tv-series is highly recommended all over the internet, even if it's a Spanish series but still a stunning series to watch.

To be realistic, who in the world doesn't like those series full of thriller, drama, action, and romance at the same time?
La Casa De Papel, or Money Heist in English, has won many awards and won over critics and audiences alike around the world, with a notable big fanbase impatiently awaiting the premiere of its fourth season on Netflix.

While everybody is waiting for the fourth season of the city-named criminals crew led by the Professor, we thought it would be exciting to show the fans some of the best quotes mentioned in the series.

La Casa De Papel: Best Quotes ( Part 1 )
La Casa De Papel: Best Quotes ( Part 1 )

Let's start with the better ones in La Casa De Papel, aka Money Heist :

  • " When we started, we didn't have a damn idea of ​​our name, but we knew what our dreams were. " - Tokyo.

  • " I've spent my life being a little son of a bitch, but today I think I feel like dying with dignity. " - Berlin.

  • " The matriarchy begins. " - Nairobi.

  • " Things are going to get really ugly, and I'm not staying still, I'm more than shooting myself. " - Tokyo.

  • " You don't know each other, and I want to keep it that way. " - The Professor.

  • " I am instead fleeing, body and soul. And if I can't carry my body, unless my soul escapes. " - Tokyo.

  • " Some people study years to earn a shit salary; we are only going to study for five months. " - The Professor.

  • " It's like a shark in a pool, you can bathe with it, but you're never calm. " - Tokyo.

  • " We are very small, like mice that have to go through life making holes because we have no idea of ​​anything else to do. " - Moscow.

  • " One by one. That was how all the hostages were going to pass in front of the inspector, as the children go to see the Magi in a shopping center. " - Tokyo.

  • " Do I look like a mamon to whom you can lie as if they spit in your face? " - Berlin.

  • " You are not macho; you are an asshole. " - Nairobi.

  • " As in chess, there are times that to win; it is necessary to sacrifice a piece. " - Tokyo.

  • " How happy you have me, come, gentlemen, that pim that pam that pim that pam. Gladly! And win the sandwich, let's go! " - Nairobi.

  • " After all, love is a good reason for all things to fail. " - Tokyo.

  • " We only see the consequences when they are in front of our noses. " - Tokyo.

  • " Don't fuck me, Berlin. This is not a Tarantino movie. " - Nairobi.

  • " Be very careful, because at the moment there is a single drop of blood, we will stop being a Robin Hood to become motherfuckers. " - The Professor.

  • " I didn't even hear what he was shouting; I just wanted to write a damn love letter. " - Tokyo.

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