Will Arturito kill Denver and take his son in La Casa De Papel?

La Casa De Papel, aka Money Heist, is some of the best Spanish tv-series and was created by Alex Pina. It's also the most-watched Non-English Netflix tv series of all time.

Well, most of the series viewers enjoyed their time watching its whole seasons. Still, the third season of La Casa De Papel left them with a lot of different and contradictory questions which they need to get an explanation for, as fast as possible, to get rid of that enormous suspense and thriller.

Will Arturito kill Denver and take his son in La Casa De Papel?
Will Arturito kill Denver and take his son in La Casa De Papel?

Arturo Román, aka Arturito, is the most hated character in La Casa De Papel alongside the inspector, Alicia Sierra, the possible mother of Berlin's baby she's pregnant with. Even though he is a pretty good factor that the tv series is more entertaining and enjoyable.

After we've seen the hate relation between Denver and Arturito, many viewers expected that the fourth season would come up with an act of revenge from Arturito after his sudden entry to the Bank of Spain.

The fans over the world anticipated that there is a high chance that Arturo Román, aka Arturito, will try to kill Denver and get Stockholm, aka Mónica Gaztambide, back with him.

This hypothesis could become real in many cases. Still, the most reasonable ones are if the heist has gone wrong and Denver got killed or assaulted by the police. Stockholm won't have a chance but to get back to Arturito, who will try to help her. Or in case she'll know something about Denver that she didn't know earlier, and this will lead to their breakup. But these scenarios are too far to be real, because of the way La Casa De Papel events are happening and the vast imagination they have since the first episode of the entire tv series.

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